October 2016: Collaboration with Thomas Yeo to explore heterogeneity in patterns of atrophy in AD patients but also among clinically normal older participants and mild cognitive impairment.

August 2016: Discordance between NIA-AA preclinical staging criteria and T807 Tau Pet Imaging.  Here is our article.

July 2016: We publish analyses linking aggregate genetic risk to very early Alzheimer’s disease changes, both in older participants as well as young adults.

June 2016Ada turns 2!

May 2016: So excited to receive a K01 award, “Influence of genetic risk factors on biomarkers and cognitive decline in preclinical AD.” Thank you NIH!

Oct 2015: Check out Keith’s paper applying T807 PET imaging to a cohort of normals and patients with MCI and Alzheimer’s disease dementia. The ability to measure Tau accumulation in living humans is a tremendous opportunity for our field.

June 2015: Ada turns 1!

Sept 2014: I publish a review article on beta-amyloid in normals, and discuss how additional risk factors modify the impact of this pathology.

Nov 2014: We published patterns of cognitive decline among normals classified based on NIA-AA preclinical staging criteria: “Synergistic Effect of beta-Amyloid and Neurodegeneration on Cognitive Decline in Clinically Normal Individuals

June 2014: Ada is born!

May 2014: We combined data from three cohorts of clinically normal individuals (HABS, ADNI, and AIBL) to show heightened risk of cognitive decline in individuals that are both high amyloid and APOE4+: “Amyloid and APOE epsilon4 interact to influence short-term decline in preclinical Alzheimer disease.” I think analyses harnessing data across multiple public databases will become more common and are essential for examining the simultaneous contributions of multiple risk factors.

Nov 2012: Check out Trey’s paper in Journal of Neuroscience, “Cognitive Profile of Amyloid Burden and White Matter Hyperintensities in Cognitively Normal Older Adults.”  In this paper, we show relationships between elevated beta-amyloid and episodic memory, as well as between white matter hyperintensities and executive function in cognitively normal subjects from the Harvard Aging Brain Study.

Oct 2012: An exciting month for me in terms of funding, I was awarded the Fund for Medical Discovery Postdoctoral Fellowship Award for Clinical Research for my proposal “Multimodal-Imaging Markers of Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease in the Harvard Aging Brain Study.” Thank you MGH Executive Committee On Research!

Sept 2012: I was awarded a postdoctoral NRSA from the NIH.  My proposal title was “Deficits in top-down processes during episodic memory in aging and preclinical AD.”  Thank you NIH!

Jan 2012: I was a panelist on this live discussion hosted by the Alzheimer Research Forum: Adding Dynamics and Nuance to Alzheimer’s Staging .  I think this is a great idea from the ARF–it brings together scientist from across the globe, and makes the discussion easily available to anyone who wants to listen (no traveling or conference fees required!).  This discussion highlights the amount that has been done with biomarkers relevant to Alzheimer’s disease, as well as the large amount that remains unknown.  It’s an exciting time to do research in this field!

Oct 2011: Bill and I discuss potential relationships between neural activity and beta-amyloid deposition in this TICS opinion article: “Lifespan brain activity, β-amyloid, and Alzheimer’s disease“.